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    Until I discovered cooking I was never interested in anything
    Our Founder Sam Chen

    Sam Chen


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    For over 20 years we have strived to set the standard for the best Chinese food buy becoming the best Chinese Restaurant Burnley can offer. The food of Beijing and Guangdong (Canton) province is one of the world’s greatest cuisines and Eight Culinary Traditions of Chinese cuisines. The characteristics of Beijing in northern China are most famous for its fiery spiciness, which comes from the liberal use of chillies and garlic. As for Canton, the flavours of the dish are well balanced, sauces and other condiments are crucial to create a light and mellow taste. At The Beijing Cantonese Restaurant we want to bring you the best of the authentic flavours of both Beijing and Canton.


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    Our chefs are legendary for their ability to combine many different tastes into exquisite complex flavours. Some of these are robustly spicy, while others are delicate and teasing. Our traditional techniques use fresh local ingredients to ensure our contemporary dishes retain the essence of conventional Chinese cuisine.

    Some of our signature dishes included Marinated Chicken with Chilli & Garlic Sauce and Duck Stuffed with King Prawn Meat. Also many more that’s unique to our Chinese Restaurant in Burnley.


    Main Courses

    All of the sauces below can be accompanied with any meats we offer at the restaurant: Chicken (£7.95), Beef (£8.95), Fillet Steak (12.65), Chinese Roast Pork (£7.95), Duck (£9.25), King Prawns (£9.05), Squid (£8.95) and Scallops (£10.95).

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